Crafty Business: DIY Press Kits

Last week I participated in my first big trade show.  Buyers Market of American Craft is a show that draws buyers from stores across the country, but primarily from the mid-Atlantic region.  Most of the stores are gift shops, museum stores (like the  Smithsonian Institution, the National Building Museum, and the National Archives), galleries and boutiques. The vendors are all artists selling their studio made goods from USA and Canada.

It was a 3-day show in Baltimore, MD (yes, I can write a whole book on how not
to survive in work clothes during 95+º heat with 80% humidity).  (to read more, click the link...)I shared a booth with 4 other Seattle artists - 3 of whom were also trade show virgins.  Over the next few weeks (on Saturdays), I am going to share some of the things I learned as a newbie. 

One thing that stumped me (and I have to admit stressed me out) was putting together press kits.  I have never put together a full press kit before, so I had to do a lot of research to figure out what would be expected from small artist-owned company.  Here is a list of what I put into my press kit, as well as some links that my friend Marlo shared with me.

First and most importantly, make sure your logo is everywhere and visible - you are a "brand" after all and you want everyone to think of you when they see that logo!

things I included:
  • press release - make sure the topic is one that will attract the media's attention;  ask yourself it this is story material that would grab your attention as a consumer
  • bio - this is the story of you and what makes you as an artist interesting as well about your art / craft
  • line sheet
  • business card
  • postcard with a photo of a current product (preferably one that you are selling at the show) or high resolution photos
  • QR Code on a sticker that I put on the pocket inside the folder - the qr code directed the reader to my website
  • a page with press that you have received
  • important links - a list of links where the reporter can find more information about you (website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, etc.)

here are links with more information about press kits:
I hope that helps and saves you time doing research.  I don't know if my press kit was exactly what was desired by the press.  I welcome comments and constructive criticism so next time I have to put kits together I will be able to approve upon my first attempt!

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Jenny said...

thanks for the info! I have read that I should have a press kit on hand but have felt too intimidated by it. Thanks for sharing your research.