How To: Make QR Codes

QR codes are little black & white square codes that can be scanned using a free app on a smart phone.  The codes can direct you to a website, blog, facebook page, twitter page; or add contact data to the address book in your phone, or an event to the calendar on your phone; or show you the location on a map.

They are very useful tools for getting information into a consumers hands, without that person having to find pencil and paper to write it down.   I have seen them used on concert posters, in restaurants, on business cards and on magazine & newspaper ads - basically anywhere there is information you want someone to remember.
QR codes are easy to create.  Go to one of the below generators and follow the steps.  Save it as a jpeg, and you are ready to add it to your marketing materials (as they say, anything that doesn't move or talk)!

QR Code Generators:
my fave:  http://www.sparqcode.com/static/maestro

QR Code Decoder:  http://zxing.org/w/decode.jspx

QR Code Readers:
I use the basic bar code scanner on my Android phone.  Check your phone's Market, or App Store for a free reader/scanner.  Google Goggles is also an awesome app that will scan upc codes, qr codes, as well as graphics.

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Ronal dino said...

Glossy materials often reflect a lot of light, can distort the QR Code scanner with reading difficulties to the point. If you put the code on a glass surface is unavoidable, the design of the code will increase significantly.

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