memories of Baltimore...

After spending weeks planning for a trade show with Tutta Lou Press, Foamy Wader, Pepo Park and Marlo & Natasha Studio - then spending a week 24/7 with these ladies, I am going through a bit of withdrawal.  So, what better to do to get your mind off things than look through photos.  Here are some memories of Baltimore.

Just a little luggage!  Kim, Marlo & Alexa getting ready to storm the Baltimore Convention Center!

child's suit of armor at the Walters Art Museum
sweet potato tater tots with wasabi aoili at Sticky Rice

Liberace short bus at the American Visionary Art Museum

Holy Fish.

Super Boom - right outside your bedroom window, packaged in it's own box.

Paper Airplanes at BWI

Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church

someone who preferred a front yard to a big house...

Inner Harbor draon boats
You must pay to pee.

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