Introducing Haute Goat Labs

I have been working with some very talented and creative people to create items out of my cashmere scraps.  As you can imagine, after 4 years of making scarves the scraps are starting to stack up (and I am determined not to send any cashmere to the land-fill).

As a result, I have lots of goodies that are one-of-a-kind for sale.  I decided to open up an extension to my Haute Goat shop to showcase these items that are in limited quatities.  Think of Haute Goat labs as a studio think tank.  A creative space to try new things.  A laboratory of ideas.

You may find everything from pillows to plushies, eye masks to sachets, skirts to hats, and maybe even more!  Come check it out.  And remember, if you see something you like grab it, because there is no guarantee we will be making more!

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