Sewing Machine Fanatic: Pink Brother


First there was the green Adler, then the robin's egg blue White, and now a pink Brother.  See, my rainbow room at the dream Sewing Machine Museum is coming along nicely - don't you agree? And as you probably guessed, it was found at the Seattle Goodwill.


Michelle said...

I just found your blog,so forgive me. Are you buying these wonderful machines, or are you just enjoying looking at them and dreaming of collecting them. I collect sewing machines, and just purchased this model off ebay. Love it.

Haute Goat Reclaimed Cashmere said...

Hi Michelle - right now I am just collecting photos of the machines. Alas at 8 machines, I have run out of space... Which only means I have to rotate out old ones when I find a new one I need to have. There will be a post on that coming soon - tough decision, but we're talking power table at a reasonable price.