Wheat Free Sundays: Razzi's Pizzeria

If you live the GF lifestyle, you must admit - walking into a restaurant and being handed an ENTIRE MENU of GF options is a fantasy.  Usually you get just a couple of options, and they are pretty lame - like a burger with no bun or fries, a salad with no croutons, or a plain chicken breast...

Well, welcome to fantasyland!  Razzi's on Greenwood just north of 85th has an entire menu of GF options - appetizers (including a mezza plate w/ GF pita and cheese bread), salads, pastas, gyros, paninis, pizzas and desserts!  And, to top it off, they have cow cheese, goat cheese, soy cheese, and Daiya cheese - something for everyone! 

I think I've died and gone to heaven.  What a treat.

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