Crafty Business: How to keep up and trump the "Joneses" with QR codes

 So, as many of you know, I ♥ QR codes.    I think they're brilliant.  Probably because I have big fingers with callused tips (too many years of crafting) and I have a hard time typing accurately on my Android phone.  Just point- click - and voila!  I am at the pertinent website, contact info, calendar event, etc.

Well here is my new reason to love QR codes.  It keeps me one step ahead of - or at least in line with - bigger companies that have mucho dinero to spend on SEO and marketing.  Not only does it make me look like I'm keeping up with the times, but since I DIY, I can add my QR codes to all of my marketing materials at a moments notice.

Here's an article from Search Engine Land supporting my belief.  Do you have a QR code yet for your business?  If not, here is my post on how to make one.  It's easy.  It's free.  And your customers will love you for it!

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cory said...

love it! Just ordered some cards for my business.