Crafty Business: Craigslist Search Notifications

Do you go to Craigslist and type in the same search over and over (like "mannequin" or "craft fair application")?  Do you search for a popular item (like "Victorian dress form"), only to find out it is already sold by the time you contact the seller? Did you know you can get an RSS feed
of your favorite Craigslist search?

It's really easy.
1.  Go to Craigslist for your city.
2.  Type in your search.  Refine it until you are happy that you are getting all the results you want.
3.  On the lower right corner of your screen you will find a button for an RSS feed.  You can add it to Google Reader or your Google homepage - or probably  to another reader if you want (I use Google, so that is all I pay attention to).
4.  Voila!  You will now get notification when there are new listings on Craigslist!  

Marlo at Creative Arts Consulting also shared with me this Android app (which sends notifications to your phone)!  I'm still looking for one for my iPad.  Do you use an app to get notifications of new postings on craigslist?  If so, what is it?

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Jenny said...

I had no idea you could do this! Awesome tip. Thanks for sharing that.