Gluten-free Sundays: Maninis GF fresh pasta

photo by Maninis Gluten Free

Much to my surprise last week, my husband brought me a treat home from the Phinney Ridge Farmer's Market - Maninis Gluten Free fresh pasta.  This is the first time I have even seen GF fresh pasta.  He carefully checked the ingredient list to make sure it didn't contain the three flours that I can't stand - buckwheat, soy and garbanzo.  Lo and behold it didn't so he bought some Tre Calore Rigatoni. For dinner he made me Pasta Puttanesca - and everyone sampled the new
fancy pasta.  YUM was the consensus, even from the non-GF members of the family.  We all agreed that it is the first pasta that everyone could eat (thus solving the problem of having to cook 2 separate batches of pasta).  YAY!  Way to go Maninis!

And I just noticed that at the Broadway Farmer's Market on Sundays, they also sell Argentinian empanadas along with their bread and pastas... Guess where I will be later today?

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