Crafty Business: Do 5 Things at Once

If you are a work-at-home entrepeneur Mom, you know you have to multi-task to make it happen.  Here's a list of how I operate.  For the life of me, I can't figure out how to do it any
other way...

1) Make yourself something to eat & drink - you are going to need energy to do this all at once, plus you want to stay hydrated.  Ideally this will be something you can eat/drink while you are doing your other tasks, so think finger food (not spaghetti or soup)!
2) Start a project where you will have time to kill while waiting for something to dry, bake, wash, etc.
3) Listen to a podcast, interview, or call someone on speaker phone
4) Open 2 windows on your computer - 1 for doing something productive (listing on etsy?) and 1 for email/chatting/tweeting
5) Keep a notepad in front of you to jot down a list all the things that you should be doing instead of emailing/chatting/tweeting - or a list of ideas of things to blog about....  Undoubtedly these ideas will come to mind while you are doing all of the above.

And - if you want to be an "over-achiever" - you can answer questions from you kids / spouse at the same time.  I don't recommend this however.  I think the human brain is programmed to do no more than 5 things at once and given the spacetime continuum, physics is against you.  If you throw in the sixth, it is at your own risk.  There is the potential of your head overheating, or worse, exploding.  Keep extra-strength Tylenol and chocolate close at hand - just in case (and perhaps forego the hydrating fluid in #1, substituting a venti mocha with whip instead).

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Haha! I can't believe I missed this post. You have solved all my problems!