Wheat Free Sundays: Wheatless in Seattle Sundried Tomato & Roasted Garlic Bread

For all of you gluten-free chow hounds in the Seattle area, you must know about Wheatless in Seattle by  now.  If it wasn't for them, the whole idea of fresh baked goods would put me off the wheatless lifestyle and back into Top Pot Donuts.  Alas though, I have a bakery I can run to in my moment of desperation.  They make all kinds of delectables as donuts, scones, fudge cake, chocolate chip cookies,  lemon bars, deep dish cobbler,... need I say more?  Ok, here's more - bagels, baguettes, pizza crust, and sundried tomato & roasted garlic bread.

Yes, you heard me right - sundried tomato & roasted garlic bread that is wheat free.  It is eat-the-whole-loaf good, especially when sliced thin toasted like crostini.

Wheatless in Seattle is in my opinion by far the best gluten-free bakery in Seattle.  PCC carries their baked goods (often in the refrigerated section).  Razzi's uses their pizza crust.  Uneeda Burger and Lunchbox Laboratory use their hamburger buns.  And apparently you will be able to find their GF breads and pastries at the American Girl Bistro and Seattle Art Institute! There is a list of other restaurants that carry their products, you can find that here.

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